The Problem

No recycling is practiced in Somaliland and Somalia

According to World Development Indicators 2010, only 23% of the population has access to sanitation facilities with access rates of 52% in urban centers and only 6% in rural areas. In Somaliland and Somalia there is no recycling system and the waste management system is very poor. All garbage and rubbish collected from major cities and towns are dumped in large holes which locate several kilometers away from the towns. These system has not separation process of hazardous and non-hazardous waste and all are dumped in one place which is not environment friendly system. Many diseases can easily break out which will harm both people and the animals and it will affect the environment as whole.

One of the toughest problems that towns and cities are facing is a lack of knowledge. Many people are aware of the damage that various materials can create in the environment, but a lack of knowledge appears to be an issue. Many people know that recycling is a good habit, but they are unsure of which items can be recycled. It’s this confusion that continues to push Afro Business World towards this innovation.

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