Step 1: Bale Breaking Stage

Used plastic bottles are collected from municipalcurbside systems and deposit centers and are compressed into half-ton bales for delivery to the CarbonUlE process facility in Riverside CA. A bale-breaking machine de-compresses the bales back into single bottles.

Step 2: Bottle Cleaning Stage

The single bottles are separated from any trash and debris and washed in hot caustic water.

Step 3: Bottle Sorting Stage

Automatic sorting equipment segregates the bottles into three streams: clear PET, green PET and non-PET. The non-PET stream is re-baled and sold to others for subsequent processing in to various plastic products.

Step 4:Washing Stage

The clear and green streams of bottles are ground into cornflake-like flakes. These flakes are intensively washed,rinsed and dried.

Step 5: Solld State Polycondensation Stage

The dried clean flakes are heated under vacuum to remove any contaminates that may exist.This system of de-contamination is recognized by the FDA as acceptable for subsequent use in direct food packaging.The purified flakes are melted and extruded into pellets.This is our finished product and it is similar in consistency to rice.

Step 6: Flnal Packaging Stage

The food-grade pellets are transported to bottle manufacturers and other customers in bulk hopper road trucks or railcars. Some customers prefer the pellets to be packaged in one-ton plastic bags on pallets.