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Afro Business World is a company founded on the philosophy of Bottle-to-Bottle recycling. In essence, our system converts used plastic bottles made of PET back into plastic resin, which is then used to make entirely new bottles. We run a genuine closed-loop system that allows for sustainable consumption because resources can be reused without degrading the environment. Products made using PET resin are recyclable and highly sustainable. PET can be recycled numerous times — back in to beverage bottles and other products such as food containers, carpet, and clothing. Accordingly, using recycled PET reduces greenhouse gases and preserves resources while providing a cost-effective, high quality solution to our customers’ packaging and product needs. Through the collection of post-consumer PET bottles from curbside programs and deposit collection centers, we’re committed to preserving natural resources, reducing greenhouse gases, and diminishing our landfill problems. At Afro Business World we believe that recycling is the only responsible solution for the modern era.

We have established a deposit systems where consumers can bring to us used PET bottles and get back some amount of money. It is a good way to empower the community and create new jobs. This system is not only good for the environment and an excellent tool to implement Extended Producer Responsibility, they also save lots of money to the municipalities by lowering the volume of household waste to be managed. Less cost for the municipalities means less cost for the tax-payers! A win-win situation.

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