About Us

Afro Business World is a new producer of food-grade Post-consumer Recycled PET in Somaliland. We specialize in processing used plastic bottles into bottle-grade PET resin flakes and pellets that can then be used to manufacture new plastic beverage bottles and other products.

Through new state-of-the-art facilities, technologies, and equipment, Afro Business World is fully invested and committed to make an impact in preserving resources and reducing the carbon footprint from PET bottle production. At Afro Business World, we believe that recycling is the only responsible option. Destroying plastics and reliance on degradable plastics only increases the carbon footprint and wastes our precious resources.

Our Story

Afro Business World was born when our founder defined the current problem that exists within the waste management industry. The solution followed when a team of hardworking, determined, passionate individuals came together.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create unprecedented value for our customers, employees and communities by providing technology through a powerful urban logistics engine to recycle more – as safely, efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible. As a team, we provide our industry-best offering with dedication, passion, authenticity and integrity.
We believe in supporting local communities. Our recycling services operate in dense pockets, ensuring maximum service efficiency as we pick up recyclables from you and your neighbors – and then deliver the clean, valuable materials directly to the nearest local recycling facility. Good for business, community, and the planet – everyone wins!